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The Indian telecommunications (Telecom) industry is the fastest growing market in the world. The industry has played a vital role in India's growth story, and within the services sector, the telecom sector has been the major contributor to India's growth.

Boundaries in the telecom spectrum are diminishing at a very fast pace. Traditional telecom players are trying to reposition themselves as different forms of media (audio, video & data) merges in telecom services with many new players providing services at various levels of telecom value chain. Such developments have increased competition leading to decline in revenues and profits due to reduced prices and lower customer retention rates.

Why hCapital?
The opening of service sector in all the countries in accordance with WTO regime have accelerated the growth and emergence of companies specially Cellular Service Providers creating a need large demand of Telecommunication Engineers and consultants.

Our team of qualified telecommunications experts, who have a background of having worked in the industry, gives valuable advice to clients and gives the best recruits to companies by virtue of having access to top management talents in the industry. A knowledgeable team also helps us to screen candidates for some of the below positions, at our end, thereby reducing the recruitment time for companies.

Our Forte

  • Pre Sales & Project Management
  • Telecom Network
  • Transmission
  • Wireless
  • Semiconductor
  • Telecom Billing
  • Account Management
  • Embedded
  • WI – MAX
  • Project Management

Representative assignments

  • Chief Operating Officer, a Leading Provider of Mobile Value Added Services
  • Chief Marketing Manager, Leading Telecom Operator
  • General Manager-Handset Product Management, a Leading Telecom Player
  • GM- Corporate Channels - Strategy and Development, Leading Information and Communications Services Company
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