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Power & Energy

With the massive rate of urbanization across the world, the demand for energy has gown manifold in the past few decades and continues to do so. This has not only increased the pressure on the Government and the industry leaders to discover newer energy sources but has also opened up huge investment opportunities in the sector. Moreover, world over, concerns regarding environmental sustainability has triggered slew of regulatory changes, shifting consumer preferences towards clean energy, thus leading to emergence of new players in the alternate energy space.

The industry being in the growth stage currently faces huge talent challenges. Some companies are partnering with institutes like TERI, others are creating a talent pool by hiring specialists from abroad to train Indian project managers. There are others who partner with foreign institutions to offer students courses on design, installation and commissioning of solar, oil & gas and thermal projects.

Why hCapital?
hCapital is a leading provider of staff to the Power and Energy sectors. Combining excellent Recruitment expertise with the knowledge of Qualified Engineers, we’ve developed a first-class reputation when it comes to the Design, Build, Operations and Maintenance of Power / Energy projects in the Indian and overseas.

Working with both Client and Contractor on major new build / retrofit / upgrade projects, we offer a full recruitment life-cycle package from the early design and construction stages through to ongoing operations and maintenance once a plant is operational. This means that hCapital can handle almost all your recruitment needs, and offer a complete consultative approach. We understand Power / Energy, the challenge of rapidly building new Plants, and the professional engineering labour market

Our Forte

  • Engineering - Oil & Gas
  • Engineering - Rotating Equipment
  • HSE Management Specialist
  • Engineering - Pipelines
  • Process Engineer
  • Engineering – Heating and Thermal Equipment
  • Engineering Instrument & Control Automation
  • Overhauling Specialist
  • Safety Engineer
  • Engineering – Mechanical Static
  • Engineering – Offshore Structures
  • Reservoir Geologist
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