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What makes us different?

hCapital is a multicultural business, with a multicultural client base.

Our clients and candidates appreciate our strong relationships, our expertise, and our international reach. But most importantly, they appreciate and value the people at hCapital. As a professional service firm committed to the Power of Talent, we stay true to our own philosophy. We help our clients achieve business success through people, but that is also how we build our own business. Everything we do, from client engagements to our own development is driven by our core values; excellence, long-term focus, innovation, collegiality and passion. These values define who we are and how we work

Our core values are what make us different:

  • Customization: All our projects are tailor made. We don’t sell off the shelf solutions.
  • Integration: We work as a partner with the client organization rather than just a service provider.
  • Knowledge: We constantly update our knowledge and systems to meet our clients’ requirements.
  • Anticipation: We anticipate client needs and act quickly to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions.
  • Integrity: We have strong and clear ethical policies to protect clients, executives and ourselves.
  • Humility: We will tell you what we can and can’t do, and would never over commit or mislead

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