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hCapital regularly seeks talented interns to supplement its regular activities. We take care that our internship assignments are well planned and that the focal point of the experience should be the student.

Why should you intern with hCapital?
hCapital lays special emphasis on providing its interns learning activities throughout their internship period. We carefully design our work assignments so that they can true and meaningful addition to the student's educational experience.

The internship assignments at hCapital:

  • Are related to the student's academic discipline and level in school
  • Are well conceived and planned out in advance of the student's starting date.
  • Allow the student to be fully integrated as a member of the work team
  • Provide appropriate supervision and guidance, as well as an understanding that this is a "learning experience" for the student
  • Differ from other short-term job or volunteer opportunities in that there is an intentional "learning agenda" included in the experience
  • Offer meaningful opportunities for the student to increase knowledge and improve upon job-related skills
  • Allow employers to provide regular feedback regarding student performance

We provide internship opportunities in the following discipline:

  • Recruitment
  • Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Training and Development
  • Organization Development

If you would like to experience fun filled yet fulfilling internship opportunity with hCapital, please fill up the form on the right.

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