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Message from the Director

Welcome to the hCapital website. Since commencing our business in 2007, the singular focus of my exceptionally qualified team in hCapital has been to put our clients’ needs at the center of all we do to help them shape, build and sustain a team of excellence to compete in the global markets that they serve.

Our focus and hCapital’s top priority is client service delivered by leading search professionals. Our personal commitment to client service excellence is what defines us, what motivates us and also what renews us when we wake every day. As a privately held organization, the only people that we are answerable to are our clients. For us our clients and their partners are most important, with all other systems developed to support them. For me personally, it has been an honour to work alongside dedicated men and women who work passionately and intelligently to maintain a high standard with the assignments that we undertake.

We also take pride in being innovative. Seeing what others fail to recognize or getting into uncharted markets requires an open mind and the fearlessness to innovate. Our intimate knowledge of what makes your organization special and the close bonds that we share with you frees our mind of the perils of innovation and hence identify which leaders will truly fit.

We appreciate your time taken to explore our website and look forward to hearing from you. Whether you are a potential or current client, a candidate seeking a top-quality opportunity or a search professional looking to join our team, hCapital has something to offer.

Paras Singhal
hCapital Business Consulting Private Limited

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